Susan Blackmore: Millpool Centre, Sunday 19th November, 1pm.


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Dr Susan Blackmore is a psychologist, lecturer and writer researching consciousness, memes, and anomalous experiences, a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth. She is a TED lecturer, blogs for the Guardian, and often appears on radio and television
Her research interests include memes, evolutionary theory, consciousness, and meditation.

SEEING MYSELF is Susan’s latest release, she is also the author of  seven other titles and sixty academic articles. Susan’s other publications and research topics cover a fascinating spectrum of mind sciences; consciousness, near death experiences, alien abduction, and psychic ability to name but a few.

This is going to be a truly remarkable, captivating talk given by a pioneer and leader in the subject of parapsychology.

Susan Blackmore, Sunday 19th November, 13.00 @ The Millpool Centre
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